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tantra positions

tantra positions - the key to tantric sex?

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about tantra positions and their significance in tantra tantric sex.  Many people think the tantra positions are the key.  .

That is not the case though.  Many people confuse tantric sex, with the various sexual positions found in the Kama Sutra. While ultimately tantra positions can be any position you are doing tantric sex in, the "basic training" tantric sex positions are rather "unimaginative".

tantra positions for training and practice

The tantra positions used for basic training, are essentially those referred to as "female superior".  The male lies on his back, and the female gets on top of him, preferably in some form of sitting or upright position, although her lying on top is fine. As an alternate position, it is also alright for the male to be sitting - it’s just usually easier if he’s laying down.  Whatever tantra positions are chosen, one of the priorities is to make sure it is a position the female enjoys.  She should be in a position that is sexually arousing to her, and optimizes her chances of orgasm.  Contrary to the male’s goal (which is to learn to control his orgasms at this stage of training), the female can (and should) freely have as many orgasms as possible (not forced however, just what flows naturally). This feeds “life energy” into the “circuit” that is being built by both partners, via the use of their minds.  By the same token, another priority is that your choice of tantra positions must be something that makes it as easy as possible for the male to keep from getting too excited/losing control of his orgasms.  

         For more information about tantra positions, their use, and complete instructions, download the "Primal Power" tantra tantric sex e-book.

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