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At Tantra - Tantric Sex cds
guided meditation :: erotic hypnosis ::  tantra instruction

The easiest and most advanced way for couples to instantly enjoy, practice, or learn tantric sex, ever.  

Just pop this CD into your player, get into bed, and follow the hypnotic guided visualization instructions (softly spoken by a woman).  

The ecstasy of tantra tantric sex is one of the most heavenly experiences anyone can ever have. Now it can be yours with the touch of a button.

These recordings can be used both as an instructional guide, and as a guided visualization spiritual sexuality "journey" towards discovering new depths of intimacy and pleasure.  

These CDs are meant to be used in conjunction with Jon Peniel's sacred sexuality/tantra tantric sex books.  The CDs are available in a "kit" with the books also (see kits link on right).

We still recommend traditional tantra tantric sex techniques training also.  But these CD's can be used with or without that.  Even with no training, you can just play and reap the benefits (but they're great tools for traditional tantra training too).

This is not music.  They use techniques that have been proven in hundreds of independent double-blind university and clinical studies, including guided imagery, visualization, affirmations and post hypnotic suggestions. These are combined with "brainwave entrainment" sounds. 

There are now 2 versions for tantric sex.  One has the guided visualization WITH the entrainment sounds imbedded into the background of the instructions (scientifically proven to take you into deep subconscious states), the other has music in the background instead.  We also carry other Vibrational Sounds™ CDs related to sexuality (see below).  Regularly $49.95, ON SALE now for only $29.95 each. 

Requires a stereo CD player. It's best if you wear stereo headphones, although it can be used without.

Please call 800-845-7991 to place an order.
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Note: These CD's are not to be used when operating motor vehicles, or dangerous equipment. They are only meant to be used lying down or sitting in a safe, secure position, and place.

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