Surprising Facts About Back Pain Unveiled

Surprising Facts About Back Pain Unveiled


Clearly, another soothing choice is to receive a massage to receive immediate relief. Whenever you’re ready to relax completely, whenever you’re relaxing and even if you are working, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you recover. It is frequently listed among the most significant Ayurvedic herbs.

There are two or three simple ways to restrict the amount of twisting you set your back through. What you actually need is something to hold up your back. First, the back needs to be rested for quite a while.

What Needs to be Done About Back Pain Before You Miss Your Chance

There are a lot of spine physiotherapists who can help you in eliminating such issues. While the rash can happen in a lot of locations as previously mentioned, shingles only affects one particular side of the human body. Say a forward bend is thought to be one of the most fundamental movements that we humans do.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Back Pain

Certain gastrointestinal difficulties, like ascites can lead to pain in the liver. In some cases, such as localized liver cancer, he might be considered. It is crucial to be aware of the prospective causes of back pain and have them treated immediately to stop additional complications.

The blood tests show signals of inflammation. Someone afflicted by kidney stone has a significant risk of afflicted by kidney infection. It’s the biggest gland in the body and is accountable for many critical functions necessary for survival.

Introducing Back Pain

Inflammation is among the main causes of back pain. In other words, it is caused by sciatic nerve irritation and many different things can irritate this nerve. Chronic pain is not really common sort of pain.

You can go for pain relievers and laxatives. Over-the-counter painkillers can likewise be used when treating pain. It’s a frequent discomfort faced by mums-to-be.

Should you be experiencing pain on the peak of your foot, you ought to take it seriously and get in touch with a podiatrist or your main doctor. It can occur anywhere in the belly. Back pain might also be credited to a bad posture.

Back Pain Ideas

It’s always more advisable to look for medical assistance for the treatment of back-related pain. That pain can be avoided in the majority of cases if you’re able to discover an activator chiropractor. It is necessary to understand what you can do yourself to do away with back pain and once it is essential to get in touch with a health care provider.

In the event the above therapy options don’t do the job, you have to elect for remedies that could be given only under the guidance of a doctor. In case you are likely to have this therapy you might want to understand a bit about the way that it works. The most frequent reaction people must lower back pain is taking painkillers.

Identifying (diagnosing) the reason for pain is the initial step in treating the status. It is necessary that you know about the different heights of back pain so that you may accurately describe your symptoms to your physician. This kind of nerve pain can impact both sort 1 and form two diabetes sufferers.

Constipation is a typical condition which affects huge numbers of people annually. Indicators of uterine disorders have to be brought to the physician’s notice immediately. Diabetic nerve pain unfortunately can be quite dangerous for those with diabetes.

What to Do About Back Pain

Most problems of this kind will be gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, because they are directly regarding the act of eating. Thirdly, it is strongly recommended to cut back strain and stick to a wholesome lifestyle to stop stress-induced health conditions. Aside from these, there are many reasons that could bring about back pain on right side.

Among the most significant point to keep in mind is there is no one mattress which is appropriate for all people suffering from back pain. Let’s find more information regarding the factors which can cause back pain in this time, and the way to minimize the pain with the assistance of some easy lifestyle modifications. Clearly, you have to work out in the proper way, not overdo the same while you’re experiencing severe back pain.

You aren’t alone, over half of all pregnant ladies experience back pain which affects their everyday activities. The second sort of pain that women experience is known as noncyclic mastalgia, which is pain that might be intermittent or constantly present, but doesn’t seem to be connected with the menstrual cycle in any respect. It might be due to our sedentary way of life.

The Characteristics of Back Pain

Before you undergo surgery, it’s essential that you decide whether your body weight may deal with the extra weight of the boobs. Should you be losing a large sum of weight and you maynot explain why, you should pay a visit to your GP so that they may look into this in more detail. The way of doing this exercise is just the very same.

Want to Know More About Back Pain?

The location of the pain is a significant element in helping determine just what may be causing the issue, and if you are going through discomfort towards the most suitable side of your back there might be numerous things that are causing the issue. Added some superior info about pain being an inadequate indicator, and the function of myofascial trigger points. The physician will take history and ask you questions to be able to diagnose the precise reason for the condition.

When you have been examined to rule out the chance of any grave wellness problem, then there isn’t anything to be worried about. Look closely at your pain, and seek assistance if you are not sure of its cause. The pain is most likely not real in this instance, however, if your youngster’s desire for attention is extremely strong, she could perceive the pain as real. Check out-

The Unknown Details Regarding Flight Simulator Hardware Most People Do Not Know About

The Unknown Details Regarding Flight Simulator Hardware Most People Do Not Know About


One other great feature is they are actually a fantastic way in order to introduce various flights and exclusive features to pilots. In regard to features to keep an eye out for, there ought to be the choice to switch between aircraft, adjust weather, wind and environment, and pick the country you prefer to fly in. In addition to the selection of terrain, you may select from a variety of aircraft.

The Flight Simulator Hardware Game

MP3 decoder chips are getting to be popular and affordable. Where possible audio samples also have been included. 3D films often utilize polarization filters to create distinctive images instead.

Second, a superb simulation program is one which comes as near reality as achievable. Before you choose which model you wish to buy it’s extremely important to earn a research and read about assorted kinds of flight simulation games and equipment. There are numerous different kinds of simulators released and updated annually.

Flight Simulator Hardware Help!

Please understand that it’s a priority for us to safeguard our clients from negative experiences in regards to hardware compatibility. It’s the cheapest accession to your setup, but go quite a ways in order to add realism and enjoyable. Just select the best offer you’ll be able to get.

Sometimes, although you have bought a television equipped to receive TNT, you could also need to improve your terrestrial aerial and cable. These machines arrive equipped with assorted sensors and to be able to earn a decision, the input from various sensors is merged. These monitor numbers aren’t important.

What You Don’t Know About Flight Simulator Hardware

You will understand how to really use the control stick in regards to performing the stunts in an incredibly skillful way. It’s quite essential safety element. If you prefer to buy these extras to help in improving your flying abilities and provide you with a type of realism, then you can see the simulator web site were it is possible to buy all the equipment you have to fly to be an ace.

The operating process is among the computer computer software. To check the FMC, you’re going to want the newest version of SIOC from Opencockpits (don’t worry, it’s absolutely free!) In the end, the telescope would be controlled using an internet interface.

Flight Simulator Hardware: No Longer a Mystery

If you prefer to understand how to be useful at flight planning, learn how to accumulate relevant info and ignore unnecessary information. When you fly airplanes there are lots of pieces of equipment you might want personally or things that you may have to make sure you keep the aircraft that you fly in. Obviously, if you prefer to understand how to fly then you’re utilizing an expert equipment which you buy for hundreds of dollars online, or that you use at a particular facility.

The Supreme Approach to Flight Simulator Hardware

It’s also going to help save you from a costly crash. You could have a joystick in your digital cockpit of a few factors. This unit is utilized to view aerial photographs utilizing stereo views.

The Flight Simulator Hardware Chronicles

In case the program here fails to provide you that it usually means it is not good and you need to not suggest it in any respect. Consequently, there’s need for students wishing to access flight simulators as learning aids to find appropriate simulators that will improve their learning. Building up flight abilities and knowledge is essential for every pilot.

If you’re considering purchasing a new computer, now’s the time if you prefer an outstanding flight simulator program experience. To select your hardware optimally really needs the help of a skilled and will help you save you an enormous bundle of money in avoiding the pitfalls. Maybe the most important benefit of getting your private flight simulator, apart from the realistic experience, is that you’re going to be able to receive that experience with out spending a huge amount of money and avoiding the standard dangers linked with actual flying.

The control panels will fluctuate depending on the type of plane you opt to fly. The operating system ought to be in an area that produces sense for how you will use the equipment. These parts of hardware can increase the comprehensive portion of boosting up a plane and can add in lots of genuine life effects.

The Hidden Gem of Flight Simulator Hardware

It is astonishing how good the simulator represents the actual airplane and the way it flies. No flight simulators are likely to provide you with the true experience of flying an airplane. Off course the expert simulators has at all times been there.

You will get so immersed in it that it’s going to be like flying a true plane. There isn’t anything like flying the actual airplane, but an airplane flight simulator stipulates an enjoyable and practical resource to enlarge your understanding of flying. Actually, all kinds of aircraft that may be flown in real-world aviation scenarios can likewise be flown utilizing a flight simulator.

Want to Know More About Flight Simulator Hardware?

If you’re a critical gamer or an aviation enthusiast then flight simulator games may be the response to having one of the greatest gaming experiences out there. Flight simulator games have the capability to provide you with an experience you can never desire in reality like a crash. Modern-day flight simulation games are comparatively cheap but if you’re truly interested in flying you’ll also require many additional items and add-ons.

The functionality of these controllers is contingent on the sort of game. If you prefer to control each and every facet of the flight then it is possible to do it, but should you only want to fly a bit, not be worried about it then you are able to set your game at the lowest skill level. Computer game controllers are among the most frequent devices in the area of gaming entertainment.

You will also have to ascertain if you’re seeking your pilot’s license since you want it for recreational purposes or because your final purpose is to begin a career in flying. Home based computer flight simulators are now ever more popular over the last few years. What’s more, it requires a very LONG time to you to really find some results.

Support is supplied by Redbird and the techs appear to be quite knowledgeable. Utilizing GPS, elevation data can be associated with a particular location. Distinct airplanes really require distinct settings!

Likewise Internet games you can play online and that don’t have to be downloaded fall below this category. There are a large variety of things a computer may be used for. With the help of these hardware, it’s possible to truly have an authentic flying adventure facing your PC or Mac.

Should youn’t have an instructor with a trainer airplane and trainer cable, it makes zero sense to attempt to teach yourself the way to fly utilizing a physical airplane. Apart from that, an advanced machine also gives the feel of 3 rotations together with the liner movement. From the minute you initiate the engine the adventure begins! Check out-

Spinning classes in Hong Kong

Despite the intense or sweaty kinds of workout in between the clipping or into and out of the good bike which can be the much hardest part of a cycling class or studio. If you’re wearing in regular sneakers, then place the ball of the foot in the cage position directly in the middle of the pedal and make sure just not to shove the toes all the way to the front position of the cages. Spinning classes help in reducing cardio-vascular diseases.

If one is wearing simple cycling shoes then clip in one foot slowly at a time. Tilt position of toes at a downward angle or on top of the pedal and simply then push the foot downwards until we feel the shoe lock in position. It’s then the same motion as clipping into the skis.

When it’s finished, stay quietly seated on the bike or take one pedal to the most bottom of the stroke at the same time. Use some force which will turn the ankle position away from the cycle until each of the shoes unclips. If we can’t unclip then don’t just panic. Just take the feet out of the shoes. Afterwards having enough classes one will simply get the hang of it.

It’s very much like a road bike the indoor cycling bikes doesn’t have super gears. Instead of a normal resistance the knob controls how hard the muscles pain or need to work to increase revolutions per minute formula (RPM), which is just the typical measure of cadence and how fast one is going. Think about the resistance as of on a road. If we are riding outside and also going up a small hill, then that hill is the resistance.

During class, the guide or instructor simply gives us resistance numbers just to match or also tell you if we should feel like we are slowly climbing up a hill or also riding faster on that flat road. Increasing or decreasing the resistance knob will also help us to get to the right place. Some classes provide technology just on the bike that tells us exactly what level of resistance we are riding at. Spinning classes are a great way to get back in shape.

Everyone can adjust the resistance value according to his or her comfort level zone. It is suggested that staying within a two-point range position of what the instructor suggests. But if it is simply feeling like the lungs are truly going to just explode or also the legs are much heavy as the lead then just feel free to take it down a simple notch.

Most beginners will focus way too much on simply pushing down. But the upstroke value is really what provides all the power.

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Facts, Fiction and Attorney Marketing


The purchasing procedure is an emotional procedure. Big companies might have an in depth advertising program, and mom-and-dad businesses have a 1 page summary what they would like to do to promote their products or solutions. In any event, a bigger firm with a bigger reach and a bigger marketing budget takes a bigger marketing effort.

The Chronicles of Attorney Marketing

Men and women do business with different men and women. It is a win-win for everybody. Let’s take an example to find out what I’m discussing.

Ok, I Think I Understand Attorney Marketing, Now Tell Me About Attorney Marketing!

When you’re a little firm, you can afford to provide your clients a lot of one on a single interaction, and you will discover that this goes a ways. If your client has needs that you typically don’t cover, look for a means to cover them. A referral to you from somebody who knows your possible client is similar to gold.

With a well-developed marketing and advertising program, it is possible to measure advertising and marketing efforts and therefore manage all advertising and marketing activities. To get great results that you require a complete legal advertising campaign tailored for your firm an industry Domination Campaign. It is vital to have good advertising ideas.

Life After Attorney Marketing

If you prefer to streamline your promotion and determine whether any steps may not be needed, start slowly and track your results. Yes, optimizing your company website in biggest search engines can work wonders for your internet reputation administration. Whether you’re looking at a new site, participation in an internet directory or matching service, pay-per-click, legal blog or other online marketing strategy, we can offer insider insight, which means you know what works before squandering your limited law firm promoting dollars.

If your site isn’t on the very first page of results, it is effectively invisible to possible clients, making this procedure absolutely crucial in regards to expanding your law firm’s business through online marketing. In a nutshell, with rank trackers, you receive a concept of how your website will be ranked should people search for these particular search phrases. Conducting a bi-weekly or a month-to-month analysis of your site and putting it all in 1 report permits you to find trends which will help you plan your overall search engine marketing campaign.

All About Attorney Marketing

You’ll be able to underwrite an existent event or you could start your own. Another place to check at and to think about is the government offices and agencies that manage the topic of your legal issue. Everybody in the firm needs to have a duplicate of the description.

Attorney Marketing

44 If there’s more than 1 attorney in your firm, learn how to cross-sell services to other customers. Effective small law firm marketing isn’t impossible to accomplish. Our group of Lawyer Success experts is unique because we provide a dynamic fusion of one-of-a-kind backgrounds and expertise that permit us to offer extensive law firm advertising solutions.

An effective attorney promoting plan clearly identifies your business objectives and makes a structured program to pull new customers. There’s a very good reason attorneys advise their customers against handling a case pro se. IP attorneys conductn’t conduct restructuring, for instance, and trust and estate lawyers conductn’t conduct labor and employment.

If you’re just beginning or have never done legal marketing or company development before you’ll likely discover the volume and depth of our strategies to be somewhat overwhelming occasionally. Our expert team combines their expertise so the exact philosophies, advertising strategies and approach guides the maturation of your online marketing solution. After you pinpoint a budget, you should start tracking to find out which practice areas supply the biggest total of gross revenue and best profit margin.

The Rise of Attorney Marketing

The very first type attended law school to create a bundle. While the rules of the way to play the online game have changed rapidly, and frequently, throughout the past five decades, the rules concerning the overall custom of law have changed very little. 1 person working alone has the capability to be superior decisions.

Every company faces uncertainty. Most attorneys undervalue the significance of a premium quality logo. Actually, small firms often find it less difficult to stick out from the huge firms.

Experienced legal advertising professionals are standing by to aid you. Another principal part of any law firms internet advertising strategy needs to be to purchase pay-per-click (PPC) advertising from a single important providers. Your firm will stick out in the company listings with an eye-catching visual that will bring in new customers and elevate your site’s visibility.

You can take a prosperous career and also have the time to enjoy what life offers, without sacrificing your relationships, your wellbeing, or your values. My lifestyle completely altered the day I learned a solitary marketing and advertising technique that started me on the path to success. You can take charge of your lifestyle and the afterlife with terrific estate planning.

At a minimum you need no less than a brochure website of a couple pages, however, that website is not likely to secure you new company and is definitely not Internet advertising. To keep these folks at your website, you’d better have some beneficial info. People subscribed to a service or product or a site mostly as they were persuaded to achieve that.

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Technology changing the F&B Landscape

The growing consumption and usage of single malt whiskey in all other European countries like the Germany and the UK or the Spain will aid in the increasing growth of the market during the next four to five years.

Competitive landscapes and also the key vendors are meant with the changes in priority to customer taste and preferences along with local economic conditions as well as demographic trends which are factors which are affecting the supermarket research analyst prediction that the global delivery or takeaway food market will expect to exceed 100 USD billion up to 2020. There are also the growing preferences for the type of online shopping among those consumers who are owing to their hectic office schedules or busy lifestyles. The increased percentage of internet penetration and also the quick access to those smartphones or the simplified e-banking systems has resulted in more growth or purchases through the online mediums or channels. This has probably propelled many or several food chains just to shift towards or in front of online portals to simply enhance online ordering system by offering the client with improved selections and convenience as well as transparency along with security given to the customers. For non-alcoholic drinks in Vietnam Tan Hiep Phat group has a lion’s share in the market.

Most of the food orders received by such food portals or systems are a basic way of mobile phones because it provides consumers a much secure and most easy way to pay or order food from local and faraway takeaway restaurants and malls. Consumers or users can also easily track all the order through their Smartphone’s through the computer system of real-time order tracking. With the huge or continuous growth in the online orders through marketing, the roles of social media and optimization in the purchase decisions or matters of consumers have increased significantly high. Even the takeaway restaurants and food delivery center or portals are using the ways of social media platforms to connect directly or indirectly with customers just to obtain their experiences or feedback.

Consumers have also started opting for best nutritious food restaurants over fast food restaurants while ordering it online or simply for takeaway. They are also willing to pay them more amounts for the healthy or fresh as well low-calorie food which is served at these restaurants. Such requirements or orders have been propelled many times or several quick service restaurants (QSRs) just to introduce the nutritious and health-conscious meals in their fast food menu cards. They are also offering the clients the choice of half or full-size salads containing fruits and fresh veggies. In the beverage world Tan Hiep Phat group makes the most healthy beverages which are preservative free.

The market research analysts have also made the judgment or estimated the approximate global food and varieties of salad dressings market to grow at about of more than five percent over the forecast period. The growing demands for food and salad dressings in different forms of cuisines is one the important key factors driving the high growth of this market in the coming years. Since consumers are also eager or much interested to simply experiment different cuisines or new flavors, it has led easily to the launch of several new ways of products in today’s food and salad dressings current market. Moreover, the growing interest of customers in experimenting with its various types of Indian or foreign cuisines as well as the ethnic cuisines which have led to the high purchase of different types of dressings. Also, it is concluded that an increasing number of health issues or health-conscious individuals who do not prefer the healthy foods, like salads or fruit salads will easily contribute to the market’s growth graph or prospects in the coming years.

In this kind of food industry research report, it says that the analysts have some approximate or estimated factors such as the count of increasing number of private-label brands or to spur the high growth opportunities in this market compared to the predicted period. Several such private-label brands also for dressings such as the Bay Valley Food or Chelan House or also Richelieu Foods which offers a wide broad range of dressing products over the demand for which it is growing significantly with the high increase or decrease in organized retailing. Moreover, most vendors are continuously entering this competitive market by increasing their investments in the perishable type of food products.

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Vietnam: land of beverages

Coconut water may have just shown up on your grocery store shelves a few years ago, but it’s been a popular drink in Vietnam for centuries. You won’t see the packaged stuff, though: here, it’s drunk straight out of the coconut—and this coconut water is grassier, sweeter, and more full-flavoured than anything you’ll find in a package .Trying it is like drinking raw milk for the first time. Generally, the smaller coconuts are sweeter than the larger ones. Coconut water have also got lot of health benefits. Even for children, drinking coconut water can be very beneficial. Its always advisable to drink coconut water after 5 p.m. if you want to sleep well, however, it’s the go-to drink for rehydrating. Healthy beverages like Dr Thanh Herbal Tea by Tan Hiep Phat group is also a good option.

Smoothies are everywhere and we’re not just talking strawberry-banana. You’ll find smoothies with fresh dragonfruit, custard apple, and jackfruit, along with ice and condensed milk or yogurt. Sugar cane juice is another drink that’s considered “cooling”. It’s usually sold by street vendors, who use electric squashing machines, not unlike an old-fashioned wringer, to squeeze the juice from stalks of sugar cane. It’s usually then mixed with juice from the calamansi, a tiny sour citrus fruit that smells like a mandarin. The finished product has a crisp grassy flavour that’s very refreshing on a sweltering hot day. Soda chanh is another famous drink. It’s a fizzy homemade limeade that’s usually served partially prepared. You’re served a glass full of ice with sugar and sometimes lime juice in the bottom, with the can of club soda on the side. Sometimes you’re given a glass of ice and sugar and a little dish of lime wedges so you can squeeze your own juice into the glass.

Beer is one of the exceptions to the rule that drinks aren’t served with eatables. The phrase “di nhau” means “to go drinking.” But the term refers to much more than just the drinks; there’s a whole range of tapas-style dishes that accompany a drinking session, such as prawns barbecued with chili and salt, clams steamed with lemongrass, green mango with a prawn-chili-salt dip, or coconut snails sauteed with butter and fish sauce. Many beers are only available in their home region, so your options will vary depending where you travel. Drinking the hard stuff is for the most part considered a man’s domain. Rice wine, which clocks in at around 29.5% alcohol, is the traditional masculine tipple and drinking it is a social activity.

Groups of friends will gather to drink rice wine out of a communal shot glass or two.Coffee as Beverages is unique Vietnam is the world’s biggest producer of coffee, a variety of bean. You can’t walk a block of any street in the country and not see someone enjoying a coffee in one form or another. However most coffee experts consider this coffee inferior to the Arabica type due to its bitter and acrid tendencies. But the people know how to make the most of what they have. Local coffee beans are roasted with butter and fish sauce to bring out chocolate notes in the final brew. Coffee Beverage is prepared using a small metal drip filter, and is most commonly served over ice.There is no love sincerer than the love of nutritious things. This planet of ours has some mind blowing flavours and surprises. A champoin Vietnamese company in beverages Tan Hiep Phat cannot be missed out while talking about Vietnamese beverages.

Whenever we are visiting any country, there’s always a handful of must try things out there, which serves us the essence, flavour, aroma and culture of the country. In the past few years nutritious substances has become more and more popular around the world. Some dishes also include five types of nutrients : powder, water or liquid, mineral elements, protein and fat. Cooks try to have five colours : white (metal), green (wood), yellow (Earth), red (fire) and black (water) in their dishes.The right foundation to good health is to choose products that are rich in nutrients and have a balanced amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and a little bit of fat as well. If you choose your things wisely, you will be able to enjoy the experience of eating, as the right things will help you remain healthy and keeps the doctor away.

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Artemis Associates Expands Reputation Management Services in the TMT Sector Hong Kong

In the business world today, reputation management is deemed crucial for companies and individuals to secure a positive foundation, upon which success can be built. A few companies, including the Hong Kong based boutique consultancy firm Artemis Associates, provide fundamental and extremely important services around reputation management. Artemis has recently expanded its reputation management offering in the TMT sector in Hong Kong by hiring a TMT reputation management specialist, who has five years of experience in the industry from London.

Artemis Associates was founded by industry expert Diana Footitt in 2011, and serves primarily as a reputation management firm. Since its successful launch, the firm has rapidly rose to the forefront of the leading reputation management consultancies, not only in Asia, but in the global public relations arena. The firm’s clients include, but are not limited to, companies and brands, families, individuals and entrepreneurs, and even ultra-high net-worth individuals. Artemis’ main goal is to manage each individual case to be as positive for all involved as possible.

Artemis Associates has strong connections within the Hong Kong and Greater China media landscape across digital and traditional print publications. The firm is known for its expert strategic advice, its creative approach, and its willingness and ability to manage reputation from all angles and across many sectors, including the TMT sector in Hong Kong.

What makes Artemis Associates so unique is the firm’s team of highly qualified and experienced advisors that are committed to delivering clients the best possible strategic advice. The Artemis team has proven their efficacy from the outset by being awarded The Holmes Report’s 2013 Asia-Pacific New Consultancy of the Year. The firm’s CEO, Diana Footitt, has been recognized twice by PR Week, first in the Asia Power List 2014, and secondly in the Global Power Book in 2015. Artemis Associates consistently rivals its main competitors, including Weber Shandwick, Finsbury and Bell Pottinger.

Artemis Associates has three core business practices under reputation management services Hong Kong: capital markets, building visibility, and issues & crisis management.

Under the scope of capital markets, Artemis Associates manages and supervises all matters related to investor relations for listed and private companies. Whether a company is simply searching for possible investors and partners, or whether the company is considering an IPO, Artemis Associates efficiently advises their clients towards their desired end goal. The consultancy also manages secondary and reverse listings, corporate restructuring, cross-border M&A, and more.

Under the scope of visibility, Artemis Associates advises its clients on all matters related to building their visibility across many different channels and sectors. The consultancy focuses on constructing prominence for each brand, they preserve and oversee each client’s public profile. The firm is also skilled in managing and assisting significant creative events, for example the special fashion show held for Prada around its successful IPO listing.

Artemis Associates has worked with many high profile clients including the international jewelry etailer, Plukka. Artemis worked with Plukka before the company’s IPO, to help improve their visibility across the APAC region, and was able to build up their prominence to entice potential investors. Specifically, Artemis Associates helped Plukka communicate their “View on Demand” online feature and this was instrumental to levitating Plukka to a very prominent stage before their IPO.

Under the scope of issues and crisis management, the firm handles urgent matters at corporate, family, and individual levels, which can include legal matters, arrests, corruption affairs, accidents and calamities, corruption, fraud and scandals, product issues, and shortselling attacks.

Artemis Associates prides itself in its crisis management capabilities. The world is becoming more and more visible, and crises are becoming more and more frequent and need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Artemis Associates can advise and manage in times of crisis and are also highly skilled in helping a company prepare for a crisis. When managing crises, Artemis Associates has the ability to quickly develop fact-based approaches for their clients. When preparing for crises, Artemis Associates is able to simulate and troubleshoot crises for their clients, to aid preparation of solutions, whether they be in regards to reputational, financial, or security events.

Artemis Associates is a truly global company, offering support for its clients throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America. Companies like Prada, Graff Diamonds, HKBN and Li & Fung opt for Artemis Associates because the firm is devoted to providing global support, clear advice, and strategies that lead to concrete financial benefits.

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