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gay tantra

We understand a book is being written about gay tantra that should be available later this year.  Most traditional tantric sex teachings don't give gay tantra techniques, so there is little information available from them.  If anyone has knowledge or information about gay tantra that they'd like to pass along, please email, and if it sounds valid and helpful, we may include it here.  Also, if you'd like to be on an email list for when the gay tantra book becomes available, please send an email.

That being said, the gay tantra book will likely be based on some of the following facts: 

Part of what tantric sex involves, is the flowing of energies between two opposite polarities, which physically speaking, wouldn't be the case with gay tantra.  However, theoretically, if the internal polarities (the soul/spirit or "life energies") are opposite, even though the physical sex is the same, gay tantra might meet those conditions.

Another theory, is that use of the power of the mind should be able to direct energy flow polarity, regardless of sex.  Energy flow/polarity visualization is used in traditional tantra tantric sex practices anyway, including visualizing being the opposite sex, so this may be applicable to gay tantra.  However, each partner would have to agree to play a particular "role" (one male/one female), just in the sense of both partners visualizing the same direction of energy flow.

Males interested in gay tantra, might want to consider the "New Male Orgasm" e-booklet, since it teaches clinical methods of male multiple orgasm (since female multiple orgasm is also one of the elements in "straight" tantric sex).

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