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erotic, tantra, tantric sex picture AT tantra tantric sex site was created by experts trained in traditional tantric yoga and tantra positions, specifically, the ancient Tibet style of spiritual or sacred sexuality ("AT"). We offer free info, instructional books and CDs.

What you can experience through this is indescribable. Imagine trying to explain color 
to people who have only seen black & white their entire lives - that's how different it is. 

Usually credited to Hindu practices, such techniques were practiced in ancient Egypt, Buddhism, Jewish, and Christian cultures. There are two basic types of tantra - tantric sex, one lovingly shares spiritual and sexual/emotional energy with the spouse and is connected with God. The other styles, sometimes called "sex magic", selfishly "drain" energy from the partner. We only offer instruction in the first type.

Expert or beginner, you'll find something for your needs "AT tantra tantric sex".

This site has no pornographic content, stories or pictures and is thus "child safe". 

What is "Primal Power" Tantric Sex?

"Primal power" is basically a promotional "buzzword" that sounds better and is easier to repeat than "traditional ancient Tibet tantra tantric sex". 

Obviously, we feel our style is "the best", or we wouldn't practice or teach it. But other than the selfish styles mentioned above, we honor and admire other sacred sexuality practices and offer supplies for them (or to enhance regular old romantic evenings or weekends!). 

Amongst ourselves, we personally just refer to our style as tantra, tantric sex or tantric-yoga (see tantric yoga-tantra yoga ) (although those terms cover many other types).

Among many other things, it teaches sexual interaction that has MAJOR benefits for both partners - including greatly enhanced sexual pleasure and "energy rush"

The Major Benefits:

    1. Males can delay orgasm indefinitely & make love as long as both partners desire;

    2. Females can have virtually unending orgasms;

    3. Males can share and "virtually experience" their partner's orgasms, as their own.

    4. Males experience a post-orgasm energy boost, rather than the typical energy drain;

    5. Greatly enhanced intimacy;

    6. Ecstatic "high" from the continued buildup of orgasmic energy and meditation-like aspects.

Other Spiritual/Mental Benefits:

  1. Greatly improved concentration

  2. Greatly improved meditation techniques

  3. No sexual distractions

  4. Transcending superficiality

  5. Greater overall energy, vitality, strength

  6. Less sleep required

How is all that achieved?

During sex,  the mind is focused on specific thoughts and feelings that greatly enhance the experience. 

Once tantric sex is experienced, there is no going back.  In comparison,  regular sex, even GREAT regular sex, is like experiencing life through a black and white TV, instead of living it in full color - AND experiencing it with all your senses.  

It's THAT different and that much more fulfilling!




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